Sketch 3.6

sketch-3-2014For Sketch 3.6 we have focussed on two important areas: Text rendering, and SVG importing and exporting, besides the usual collection of improvements and bug fixes. We hope you’ll enjoy using this update.


  • Sketch now maintains consistent baseline spacing for paragraphs with a fixed line height
  • When changing the typeface or font size for a text layer, the layer is repositioned to maintain the first baseline position
  • Baseline snapping for multi-line text now uses the first baseline rather than the last
  • Text layer character spacing can now be set to “auto”, allowing the font’s native kerning to be applied
  • New text layers use “auto” line height rather than inheriting what was previously used
  • Text layer “auto” line height is now distinct from fixed line height of the same value, and the Inspector now shows the “auto” value as its placeholder
  • Text in the font weight menu is now vertically centred
  • Glyphs for fonts that use swashes such as Zapfino are no longer clipped when editing
  • The Type › Underline menu item now works as expected for selected text layers as well as selections when editing
  • Fixes a bug where the insertion point was missing when editing right-aligned text
  • Fixes a bug where text would not always be properly italicised when using the shortcuts from the menu
  • Text rendering is no longer sub-pixel anti-aliased for performance reasons, and improved consistency with mobile platforms


  • SVG export now exports much more compact SVG files by doing away with unnecessary prefixes
  • SVG importing and exporting now supports blend modes
  • SVG export is improved by now also including shadows on groups in the export
  • Fixes a bug where font weight information was lost when exporting to SVG
  • Fixes a bug where rounded corners in polygons are not exported properly to SVG


  • Improves performance when using Sketch on an external display
  • Improves general drawing performance and reduces power consumption
  • Improves performance when hovering layers for selecting them in complex documents
  • Improves scrolling and zooming performance in the Canvas
  • Improves zooming performance in complex documents
  • Improves application performance using improved caching
  • Improves performance when opening large documents


  • Improves the masking toolbar item and makes the contextual ‘Use Mask’ menu item smarter too
  • Improved pasting behaviour by now pasting on above any selected layers
  • Improves importing of retina or high-DPI images into Sketch by automatically scaling them down to their logical size
  • Added an item to the menu to make a layer exportable
  • Convert to Outlines and Vectorize Stroke have been merged into a single action to avoid confusion
  • Names for the Pixel Fitting, and Round to Pixel actions are now consistent
  • Shapes combined using Boolean Operations now have predictable names
  • The file format now includes metadata to indicate whether it has been autosaved or not
  • The Pencil tool has a new cursor to distinguish it better from the Pen tool
  • Updated icons in the Layer List slightly for better consistency


  • Fixes a crash where Sketch could crash when displaying the Open panel on external displays
  • Fixes a rare crash where documents wouldn’t open if they contained incorrect text style objects
  • Fixes a regression which prevented legacy plugins being installed by double-clicking
  • Fixes a bug where older documents may not have opened correctly
  • Fixes a bug where opening multiple complex documents could halt Sketch
  • Fixes a bug where the Export panel would not warn users when they were about to export two layers with the same name
  • Fixes a bug where inserting the same preset Artboard multiple times would give them the same name
  • Fixes a bug where flattening an Artboard to a bitmap would not include its background
  • Fixes a bug where dragging images into the Canvas could have them end up in unexpected places
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch could crash when loading documents with certain color profiles
  • Fixes a bug where scaling a layer could have unexpected results if a text field in the Inspector still had focus
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch could crash unexpectedly when in trial-mode
  • Fixes a bug where Artboards with truncated titles would still be selectable in their truncated area
  • Fixes a bug where Artboards in the Layer List would be automatically collapsed when they didn’t contain selected layers
  • Fixes a bug where the color popover would prevent zoom gestures in the Canvas
  • Fixes a bug where rendering would not update when the color popover is open
  • Fixes a bug where moving layers would be very slow in Sketch when the font panel was open
  • Fixes a bug where converting text in multiple Artboards to outlines would cause layers to jump between Artboards
  • Fixes a bug where importing PDF files or copying data from Adobe Illustrator with certain color profiles could crash Sketch
  • Fixes a bug where outlining a path would lose the name of the layer
  • Fixes a bug where ungrouping rotated groups could result in some layers appearing flipped
  • Fixes a bug where image layers could change in size after editing
  • Fixes a bug where back-tabbing through vector points in the shape editor could skip some points
  • When changing a text layer, the line height or spacing now operates on the paragraph enclosing the selection
  • Renaming a layer is now disabled when the Layer List is hidden
  • Fixes for various other crashes


  • Fixes a refresh issue when toggling masks on or off
  • Fixes a bug where Slices wouldn’t export the background color of an Artboard
  • Fixes a bug which prevented the Canvas redrawing correctly when dragging some text layers
  • Noise patterns are now more accurate when zoomed in

Replace mysql with MariaDB

This has been tested countless amount of times and it works with the Vesta Stack

1.) Setup the repo’s:

Debian 7:


sudo apt-get install python-software-properties



sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 0xcbcb082a1bb943db



sudo add-apt-repository 'deb wheezy main'

Ubuntu 12.04:


sudo apt-get install python-software-properties



sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp:// 0xcbcb082a1bb943db



sudo add-apt-repository 'deb precise main'

Ubuntu 14.04:


sudo apt-get install software-properties-common



sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp:// 0xcbcb082a1bb943db



sudo add-apt-repository 'deb trusty main'

2.) Run the install (This will replace MySQL with MariaDB) You should backup data but its not essential as I did not lose any data after the install


sudo apt-get update



sudo apt-get install mariadb-server

3.) Reboot (To make sure everything starts nice and fresh)

Μετάφραση του

Μετά από αρκετό καιρό, και ζητώ συγνώμη για αυτό, κάθησα και κοίταξα τις υποδείξεις για μετάφραση του

Στις επόμενες ώρες, από την στιγμή που δημοσίευσα αυτό το άρθρο, θα είναι εμφανείς οι αλλαγές και οι νέες προσθήκες Ελληνικών αντί των Αγγλικών.

Επίσης ευχαριστώ όσους συμμετέχουν στον Εξελληνισμό της διαχείρισης του αλλά και να σας προσκαλέσω να βοηθήσετε στην Ελληνική διανομή του WordPress υποβάλλοντας προτάσεις για την ορθότερη απόδοση και εξελληνισμό του περιβάλλοντος του WordPress

Zurb Foundation

Μια νέα έκδοση του αρκετά γνωστού CSS Framework, Foundation από την Zurb

Το σημαντικό της νέας έκδοσης είναι το πολύ μικρό μέγεθος που καταλαμβάνει, και αυτό όπως αντιλαμβανόμαστε έχει αντίκτυπο στο χρόνο που χρειάζεται ο ιστότοπος μας για να ανοίξει στον επισκέπτη.

Ως διαχειριστής της Ελληνικής διανομής του WordPress, αλλά και του ιστότοπου, δέχομαι αρκετά συχνά ερωτήματα για το Πολλές φορές μάλιστα, τα μηνύματα που δέχομαι αφορούν την λειτουργικότητα του ιστότοπου ή ακόμη με μορφή παραπόνων, κάποια στιγμή μάλιστα κάποια πήγε σε κάποιο αστυνομικό τμήμα και έκανε καταγγελία για κάποιον ιστότοπο στο όπου υπήρχε φωτογραφία της σε καλιστεία.

Ίσως τελικά δεν διαβάζουμε που πρέπει να απευθυνθούμε ή είμαστε τεμπέληδες. Εγώ θα πω και τα δυο. Στην φόρμα επικοινωνίας αναφέρω ξεκάθαρα ότι δεν έχω καμιά σχέση με το αλλά και πάλι ο καθείς το χαβά του.

Έλεος ρε πατριώτες, και άντε να είναι κάποιος μεγάλης ηλικίας που μόλις ανακάλυψε το internet και θέλει να κάνει το δικό του ιστότοπο, εντάξει αλλά για νέους στην ηλικία που το κινητό είναι προέκταση του χεριού τους.