Sketch 3.6

sketch-3-2014For Sketch 3.6 we have focussed on two important areas: Text rendering, and SVG importing and exporting, besides the usual collection of improvements and bug fixes. We hope you’ll enjoy using this update.


  • Sketch now maintains consistent baseline spacing for paragraphs with a fixed line height
  • When changing the typeface or font size for a text layer, the layer is repositioned to maintain the first baseline position
  • Baseline snapping for multi-line text now uses the first baseline rather than the last
  • Text layer character spacing can now be set to “auto”, allowing the font’s native kerning to be applied
  • New text layers use “auto” line height rather than inheriting what was previously used
  • Text layer “auto” line height is now distinct from fixed line height of the same value, and the Inspector now shows the “auto” value as its placeholder
  • Text in the font weight menu is now vertically centred
  • Glyphs for fonts that use swashes such as Zapfino are no longer clipped when editing
  • The Type › Underline menu item now works as expected for selected text layers as well as selections when editing
  • Fixes a bug where the insertion point was missing when editing right-aligned text
  • Fixes a bug where text would not always be properly italicised when using the shortcuts from the menu
  • Text rendering is no longer sub-pixel anti-aliased for performance reasons, and improved consistency with mobile platforms


  • SVG export now exports much more compact SVG files by doing away with unnecessary prefixes
  • SVG importing and exporting now supports blend modes
  • SVG export is improved by now also including shadows on groups in the export
  • Fixes a bug where font weight information was lost when exporting to SVG
  • Fixes a bug where rounded corners in polygons are not exported properly to SVG


  • Improves performance when using Sketch on an external display
  • Improves general drawing performance and reduces power consumption
  • Improves performance when hovering layers for selecting them in complex documents
  • Improves scrolling and zooming performance in the Canvas
  • Improves zooming performance in complex documents
  • Improves application performance using improved caching
  • Improves performance when opening large documents


  • Improves the masking toolbar item and makes the contextual ‘Use Mask’ menu item smarter too
  • Improved pasting behaviour by now pasting on above any selected layers
  • Improves importing of retina or high-DPI images into Sketch by automatically scaling them down to their logical size
  • Added an item to the menu to make a layer exportable
  • Convert to Outlines and Vectorize Stroke have been merged into a single action to avoid confusion
  • Names for the Pixel Fitting, and Round to Pixel actions are now consistent
  • Shapes combined using Boolean Operations now have predictable names
  • The file format now includes metadata to indicate whether it has been autosaved or not
  • The Pencil tool has a new cursor to distinguish it better from the Pen tool
  • Updated icons in the Layer List slightly for better consistency


  • Fixes a crash where Sketch could crash when displaying the Open panel on external displays
  • Fixes a rare crash where documents wouldn’t open if they contained incorrect text style objects
  • Fixes a regression which prevented legacy plugins being installed by double-clicking
  • Fixes a bug where older documents may not have opened correctly
  • Fixes a bug where opening multiple complex documents could halt Sketch
  • Fixes a bug where the Export panel would not warn users when they were about to export two layers with the same name
  • Fixes a bug where inserting the same preset Artboard multiple times would give them the same name
  • Fixes a bug where flattening an Artboard to a bitmap would not include its background
  • Fixes a bug where dragging images into the Canvas could have them end up in unexpected places
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch could crash when loading documents with certain color profiles
  • Fixes a bug where scaling a layer could have unexpected results if a text field in the Inspector still had focus
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch could crash unexpectedly when in trial-mode
  • Fixes a bug where Artboards with truncated titles would still be selectable in their truncated area
  • Fixes a bug where Artboards in the Layer List would be automatically collapsed when they didn’t contain selected layers
  • Fixes a bug where the color popover would prevent zoom gestures in the Canvas
  • Fixes a bug where rendering would not update when the color popover is open
  • Fixes a bug where moving layers would be very slow in Sketch when the font panel was open
  • Fixes a bug where converting text in multiple Artboards to outlines would cause layers to jump between Artboards
  • Fixes a bug where importing PDF files or copying data from Adobe Illustrator with certain color profiles could crash Sketch
  • Fixes a bug where outlining a path would lose the name of the layer
  • Fixes a bug where ungrouping rotated groups could result in some layers appearing flipped
  • Fixes a bug where image layers could change in size after editing
  • Fixes a bug where back-tabbing through vector points in the shape editor could skip some points
  • When changing a text layer, the line height or spacing now operates on the paragraph enclosing the selection
  • Renaming a layer is now disabled when the Layer List is hidden
  • Fixes for various other crashes


  • Fixes a refresh issue when toggling masks on or off
  • Fixes a bug where Slices wouldn’t export the background color of an Artboard
  • Fixes a bug which prevented the Canvas redrawing correctly when dragging some text layers
  • Noise patterns are now more accurate when zoomed in


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